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Generation of Kabbalah Life Analyses with KABBASOL-Online
If you are interested in creating and marketing Kabbalah Life Analyses, you can acquire a license of the online application of my KABBASOL program. My customers confirm over and over again that the Kabbalah Life Analysis a valuable help in understanding your life and that it is very inspiring to spread this to many more people. It is important to find people who have interest in spreading as well as in the application of these analyses. If you want to spread the Kabbalah Life Analyses, have an esoteric and spiritual understanding, are a natural health professional or a life consultant, or active in a similar occupation, then KABBASOL is for you. You can obtain the tool from me in the form of a license, which is the access to the KABBASOL online program, with which you create the Kabbalah Life Analyses for your customers. This way can extend your present portfolio and have another source of income. You might just like this idea!

My offer is as follows: You have a PC with Internet access and a printer. You purchase the license for the access to KABBASOL-Online. This includes 20 licenses for 20 analyses for a total of 350 Euros. For every creation of a Kabbalah Life Analysis a license is pulled automatically from your stock of licenses. A calculation without text generation as well as the design and printing the energy picture and the life tree is possible without license deduction; this is important for initial small counseling services. You determine yourself the selling price for the analyses. If your license stock comes to an end, you may order more licenses for Euro 5. - per license.

If you want to test the demo version click on »

Notice the following sequence if you liked to purchase the access:
1. Test the demo program in all functions. By testing it, you will understand the functions. You accept the following delivery conditions.
2. You will send me your email address and your street address and in what field of interest you want to use KABBASOL-Online. You will receive my bank account information so that you can transfer the Euro 350,-- license costs.
3. After I have received the above amount, I will send you your license name and password for the access to KABBASOL-Online.
4. Returning or refunding the purchased license is not possible.

You can create and sell Kabbalah Life Analysis also in Portuguese, French or Czech language. You can thus widen your clientele. You will receive access to these languages without extra charge as a present from us.

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