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Inge Meyer & Hermann Schweyer
Inge Meyer with husband Hermann Schweyer
Kabbalah Life Analysis

I AM Inge Meyer, was born in Bremen in 1956 and live in Mering, which is 15 km from Augsburg and 50 km from Munich. I am married to Hermann Schweyer, who was born in 1937 in Mindelheim.

We both live and work with the Kabbalah. Hermann learned the number system of Kabbalah via mental mathematics from Johannes Hosbach. Hermann wanted people to have something in their hands, with which they could work. He created the KABBASOL program, received the texts from the spirit world and finally merged everything together into the Kabbalah Life Analysis.

Thus a possibility arose for everyone to find out their life goals, their learning tasks and how it relates to ones illness. Our Kabbalah continues. Seminars followed in the house Lichtquell and in the house Annahof in Todtmoos and Augsburg. Hermann wrote two books, The Kabbalah Life Analysis and the Mystery of Spiritual Healing.

In 2014, I founded the Maga-Medi-Kabbalah circle. Here at our home in Mering, we meet with our “friends of Kabbalah”. We relax, talk about a subject of Kabbalah and finish off with a meditation. Everyone has their analysis in their hands and we mutually work out what learning task the Energy Picture or the path out of the Tree of Life has to tell us.

Hermann and I are changing, just like everything is changing. I am working independently in 2016, while Hermann decided to retire from public relations.

We know that behind an independent woman stands a knowledgeable man, and that's a good thing.