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Inge Meyer Life-Coach
Kabbalah Life Analyses Inge Meyer

März 2019 News

Spring, are you there?
Are you stroking our hair?
Do you love our cheeks?
We love you, close you
in our heart.

März 2018 News
Let us be enchanted by the sun and enjoy nature, have fun and so much more that God gives us.

The KABBALA works with US, when we work with YOUR, just start.
GOING with the Kabbalah gives strength and energy.
The goal of life is not the most important thing, but the GOING.

Januar 2017 News
At the end of January 2017, I visited the "Energetika" exhibition in Bobingen, Germany and was able to speak with many people and be a mediator just like it says in path 5 in my secondary aim topic.
Yes, I am ready to embark upon life, am willing to be surprised and I am on my path full of trust and love. Thank You.

November 2016 News
Yes, now it is finished; the homepage has been redesigned.
The order page has become much clearer. That was my key desire.
I am thanking Mr Jürgen Schneider for his support.
I wish you ALL a happy winter with lots of light and happiness.

Inge Meyer
Kabbalah Life Analysis celebrates a new beginning in January 2016.
Now it is: “Kabbalah Life Analyses Inge Meyer”
My husband Hermann Schweyer transferred the leadership of Kabbalah Life Analysis to me.

My Kabbala “Secondary Aim Topic” is the path 5, lived religion which is for me the understanding and implementation of Kabbalah Life Analysis: The mediator of the high powers, priestess and preserver.

My husband Hermann Schweyer lives his “Secondary Aim Topic”, the path 7. He is supporting me with all his knowledge. The Kabbalah Life Analysis is owed to his creativity. He implemented his original task, the path 15, which is finding the true tasks in a healing manner: God's love, the spirit force, leads us to success.

Our mutual relationship task is the path 6. We both learn to fill that, which we find particularly appealing, with our entire souls and heart, the KABBALA. Yes, that is what we live every day. We are learning via a harmonious interplay of mind and heart. Hermann is the mind with the heart. I am the heart with the mind. This is how you can see our strengths and weaknesses. That's the way it is.

Our common wish is to serve humans, so that they can bring their earthly affairs to a harmonious denominator through using the inner spiritual power.

If we want to experience our inner unity, we ALL need harmony and order in our outer life.

Thank you,

Your Inge Meyer