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Kabbalah Life Analyses Inge Meyer
developed via the Kabbasol program of Hermann Schweyer

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Inge Meyer & Hermann Schweyer
Inge Meyer with husband Hermann Schweyer
The Kabbalah Life Analysis will inspire also you and enrich your life.
Kabbalah, the ancient secret doctrine, gives you the opportunity to learn more about the meaning of your life and your life goals. You can recognize your life tasks and the true causes of your illnesses.

Are you stuck in a life crisis?
Do you want to find the meaning of your life?
Do you finally want to be healthy?

On this website, you will find a detailed description of the Kabbalah Life Analysis as well as more information on pricing and ordering.
Questions about your analysis? Just call us.
One counseling session is free of charge.
The Kabbalah Life Analysis is a tool on your path to get to know yourself better.

The Kabbalah will work with US if we work with IT, just get started.

I wish you from heart to heart a new consciousness
Inge Meyer