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The Kabbalah Life Analysis

The name Kabbalah is Hebraic and means tradition. Kabbalah is 'The Book of Wisdom and Life'. This knowledge has been handed down for thousands of years and was long regarded as a secret doctrine. Lately these secrets have been recognized and the content is disclosed. This ancient, secret doctrine on human life and the whole of creation is now decrypted and can provide answers to your deep inner, spiritual questions.

Congratulations on your decision to be interested in the desires of your soul!

The Kabbalah Life Analysis will give you a new understanding of the meaning of your life and your true personal life tasks that were chosen by your soul. Hasn’t this been your desire for a long time? Based on the knowledge of Kabbalah, with this great, new creation, a personal analysis of your life tasks can now be generated.

You learn through your personal Kabbalah Life Analysis
  • what your life and learning tasks are,
  • what your soul wants to learn in this life,
  • how you are made aware of mental aberrations and
  • what physical ailments may arise from
What desires does the soul have?
The soul wants you to grow spiritually and to become complete, and thus follow your life path in perfect health. We also know the evil of all diseases has its origin in our wrong and negative thinking. Our soul picked certain life tasks, upon which it wants to ripen. It implicitly wants to achieve this goal. If it does not succeed, the soul makes itself noticeable on the physical level and thus says: "You're doing something wrong!" If you want to know your own life goal and your learning tasks and also would like to know how and where in your body your errors are shown, then you are on the right path of knowledge.

The Kabbalah Tree of Life
The Kabbalah Tree of Life
The Kabbalah Tree of Life

The Kabbalah Tree of Life is a central picture of Kabbalah which has been handed down for millennia. It is the representation of the forces in the universe and their interaction. The ten Sephiroth of the tree of life, symbolizing the ten primal forces of the cosmos, constitute consciousness energies that have effects on the entire universe and hence to man and his soul. By means of this analysis, we can now make precise statements about the life tasks of a person.

The Tree of Life will be used for 3 fundamental statements in this life analysis. Your life tasks are calculated by your first name, maiden name and date of birth. It is the topic of origin that shows you the motive of your current incarnation. The transformation topic will show you how you can fulfill your life tasks, i.e. with what means you wish to work. Your characterological strengths that are mentioned here, will help you along. The cosmic influences which may encourage or prevent you to go into action, are explained to you, and the target topic shows you where your soul wants to develop, i.e. which task your soul set itself as a goal. These topics will accompany you throughout your life. These are your life paths upon which you want to walk.

The Kabbalah Energy Picture
The Kabbalah Energy Picture
The Kabbalah Energy Picture

Prior to its incarnation, every soul planned certain tasks that it wanted to learn and live in its new life. We as human beings are getting the energy to fulfill these learning tasks. Your date of birth will be used for the interpretation of your learning tasks. Man has free will and can say that he does not want to learn something. In this case, the warning signs of the soul come into effect. These warning signs are physical and psychological ailments and diseases. The soul wants to make you aware of your wrong thinking and acting, and does this often with considerable emphasis.

A type of life recommendation for your soul can now be created with your energy picture, from which you can gather your learning tasks and your warning signals. In your life, you receive the needed energy for each task. When you live these learning tasks, the energy can flow and your soul is happy. If you do not, a passion path opens, which points to certain parts of the body. There, the blocked energy makes itself disturbingly noticeable and you experience blockages and disease. At this point, you can feel the warning signals of your soul that wants to tell you: "You're doing this or that wrong!" From the energy picture you can see what you're doing wrong, what living and learning task you do not live. You will notice that once you live and learn the associated task, the warning signals of your soul, the physical or mental stress, will dissolve.

All that can be calculated and interpreted from your first name, maiden name, the family name and your date of birth. You will be pleasantly surprised and gain important insights. With confidence, you will now successfully solve your tasks. Many people have thus found again their true paths of life and recognized which tasks are their own and what their souls want in this life.

The Kabbalah Life Analysis will benefit you and will show you the path on how to become and remain a healthy person through spiritual growth.